A beautifully designed and well constructed device. The whole thing sits on my desk which is only twenty inches deep and it operates within that footprint. Money well spent and I am surprised at my 
emerging preference for standing instead of sitting.

Harold Wharton
Olmsted Falls, Ohio

I celebrate my birthday by inaugurating the best 
gift ever. I clearly have a very good manager(!) 
who provided me with this height-adjustable desk 
complete with ergonomic bubble mat from Ergo 
Desktop. LOVE IT! Finally, my weary hip flexors and
 lower back are going to be pain free. It does not matter how much I exercise - to spend long hours sitting down doing graphic design, does not work in the long run. But now there's hope for me!

Click here to read the review on the Monroe Design Blog

Angela Monroe
Monroe Design
Stockholm, Sweeden

After more than 30 years of working at a desk/computer, I finally realized I needed a stand-up desk that would keep me productive but provide some relief from chronic back pain. The Kangaroo Pro is now my favorite workplace tool. It is incredibly easy to set up, and looks very professional. Moreover, I'm now able to sit when I need to sit, stand when my back starts to hurt, and adjust my daily work routine based on how my body feels at any particular point. Thanks for building a great-looking, durable and very utilitarian product. I'll never go back to a seated-only work station. NEVER!

Sue MacDonald
MacDonald Media Inc.
Miami, Florida

I am now finishing week two with my new Dual Kanagaroo and couldn't be happier! After sitting and slouching at my computer now for 24 years for 8+ hours a day my body was starting to break down. I thought there might be a transition period to get used to standing all day but I've been doing exactly that since the Kangaroo arrived and couldn't be happier with the setup. Thanks to you for making this and to my boss for investing in this for me! Thumbs up all the way around-and even to be made in the USA, too! Double thumbs up!!

Kurt Pfannkuch
Traveltrust, Inc.

After enduring much back pain for many years, getting a new Ergon chair (which helped somewhat), I decided to try and find a standing desk. Your design fit the bill perfectly. I have now installed it, (and it was easy to do), and I LOVE the Kangaroo Desk! I have the elite model which will enable me to set up a second screen. I was also impressed that you worked with me on the phone, and made sure that it would work with my height and that you walked me through how to disconnect my existing screen from it’s old stand. Brilliant design!! As I have designed a lot of furniture for my clients over the years, I do not give out this praise lightly...So far, no back pain and I’m loving the feeling that I can just shoot a quick email without feeling that I’m tied to my desk.

180 Duane Street
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

Charlene Keogh, ASID, CID
Keogh Design, Inc.
New York, New York

I wanted to tell you guys how incredible your product is. Very well made, easy to use, an all around great product. I suspect that – as more and more evidence comes out about the hazards of sitting 8-14 hours a day – you folks will have more business than you can handle!

20 Park Plaza, Suite 804
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 426-0000
(617) 507-8043 (fax)


Evan Fray-Witzer
Ciampa Fray-Witzer, LLP
Boston, Massachusetts

As a graphic designer, I have spent the past 13 years hunched over a keyboard and mouse pad, staring into the abyss which is my 21 inch monitor. Not a great position for a guy who no longer enjoys working out. A weak lower back and abdomen is a recipe for problems. The Kangaroo has been great for me because it allows the option of standing for much of the day. This in turn aides me in working my core, and we all know how important that is, right? Dan Sharkey, designer of The Kangaroo, built a specially modified version for me to accommodate the extra weight of papers and books, as well as extensive use of a mouse. Thanks a lot Dan!

Michael Branigan
Sandbox Studio
Chicago, Illinois

I have had my Ergo Desktop for a couple of weeks now and have been showing it off to as many coworkers as I can. This was by far the best solution for my particular situation. I have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) that routinely plagues me in the evening, but quite often, especially if I have had a long day of sitting, it will flare up during work hours. I went on the search for a stand-up option and found many options ranging from ultra-expensive to ultra-cheap. I was browsing online one day and Googled stand up work stations only to find the Ergo Desktop website. First of all, the website is top notch and has plenty of excellent information about the product lines, including details such as customization for a particular situation. The testimonials were helpful, as well as the demonstration video. That was a key in continuing my interest.

After coordinating with our Risk Division here at work, I compared the Ergo Desktop with the options available to me through our furniture vendor. One solution was to add hydraulic legs to my existing desktop which would have been in that ultra-expensive category. Plus, my desktop is large and includes an area where visitors sit and meet with me. I did not like the idea of forcing a stand-up meeting. The other desktop units were extremely flimsy, especially the keyboard holders. Until finding Ergo Desktop, I had not seen a keyboard holder that was stable.

When ordering my particular Ergo Desktop, the staff was professional and knew the right questions to ask. I am 6’-4” tall and needed a higher riser than the standard. The company is very willing to customize at no extra charge, which I thought was excellent. Their ordering instructions were very clear when it comes to the shelves for monitors. After some online research for my monitors, I learned that I would need to order the unit with the upgraded shelf strength; again at no extra charge. I also paid the nominal charge for the assembly. The website is also very clear about the lead time; currently it is five to six weeks. Believe me, it is worth the wait.

When my Ergo Desktop arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging. Very padded and wrapped well to prevent scratching or tweaking of the risers. The setup instructions were excellent and where I had a fine tuning question, Dan Sharkey was very quick to get back to me with a phone call as to how I could achieve an extra two inches of height. Again, I was an exception due to my height so I did not expect the standard setup instructions to go into this detail. Dan is a professional and knows the product well.

Once I got my monitors set up on the shelves and began using the unit, I knew I had made the right choice. This thing is extremely stable! And when I show folks that it is not bolted to my desk, the eyebrows really go up. The plate steel base provides excellent stability and is padded beneath to prevent scratching your existing desktop. Overall this product has exceeded my expectations and is reasonably priced. I will be recommending the Ergo Desktop to anyone I know that needs a stand-up work station option.

Brian Rager
Interim Public Works Director
City of Tigard | Public Works Department

I’m just completing my second week with my new Kangaroo Pro – and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve spent the last 26 years working in an office, and with a congenital back problem I have started to realize that sitting all day is not beneficial, especially if discomfort takes away my attention from my responsibilities. I experimented with raising my monitor and keyboard with a box to get a better idea of how elevating my computer would work. While not ideal, I could see there would be a benefit. After looking at the expensive adjustable desks, I stumbled across the Ergo Desktop Company. The perfect solution, and a lot less expensive than a new desk. After I found out it was made in Ohio, all the better – as I work for a small company I like to support other small companies too. I am absolutely blown away with the quality and workmanship of this product. Each and every component is over-engineered in my opinion. The adjustable rail that moves the keyboard and monitor up and down works smoothly and flawlessly. They also supply quality tools to assemble everything – something I have never seen done before. (And, it’s very easy to do) Even the fasteners are top quality - if you’ve ever assembled a product made in China, you’ve probably been frustrated with the poor quality of the fasteners – stripping out or not fitting correctly. Not with this product! Everything about it is outstanding. I also purchased the slip-on side table to hold my small easel so I can easily view my paperwork. A must have.

There is a happy medium for sitting or standing at your desk job, and as mentioned on the Ergo Desktop site they wisely caution about standing all day. That can cause problems as well, so take their advice and find what’s right for you. I stand for a couple of hours, sit for a half hour to 45 minutes, and stand again – but I vary it quite a bit. My goal is to stand for at least 60% of the day. I purchased a gel mat to stand on (the type you would use in a kitchen on a hard tile floor) and it makes a huge difference for my legs. Do not try to stand for long periods of time without one.

I can’t see how anybody could be disappointed with this great product. It’s obvious to me that the folks at Ergo Desktop care about the quality of their products and service.

Granger, Indiana

How many products get better a year later?

I was having some ergonomic issues using the Kangaroo Pro. Placing it on my desktop, and my keyboard and trackball on top of it, in the seated position it required my chair to be higher than it can (in order for my arms to be level while typing or using the trackball). So I bought a cushion which raised me higher in the chair, but that required me using a foot rest as my feet were now off the ground. But, ok, workable while seated. (In a standing position, the KP has always been fine for me.) But after about 6 months of this, I really started to be bothered with the whole setup. I just wasn't comfortable when seated.

So back to my original position (which I had abandoned on day one as I thought it unworkable), which was using a drop down keyboard shelf which fits under my desk. So my seated position could be brought down to a normal level -- no more seat cushion, no more foot rest. But the keyboard shelf extends in front of the desk, which means I have to sit further away from the desk and monitor than before. However, the Kangaroo Pro does not have any way of adjusting the monitor horizontally (that is, to bring it closer in, as I now needed it to be). So I used it like that for several months, always wishing the monitor could be about 6" closer to me (when seated).

Finally I decided to write Ergo Desktop, to see if I could replace the monitor arm with one that could adjust horizontally. It turns out that there are inexpensive monitor arm extensions that can bring the monitor closer by 4" or 8". But what about while I was standing? I didn't want the monitor closer when standing -- it was already close enough. Solution again provided by Ergo Desktop: 2 extensions of the same size (in my case, 4") can be folded in on each other, bringing the monitor back to where it would be without the extensions. After using the extensions for a few weeks, I found the Kangaroo Pro now almost perfect for me. The only remaining nit was that when seated, the monitor was now a little too high, as the monitor extensions added about 3" vertically. So even adjusting the monitor down all the way on the Kangaroo Pro, the monitor was just a few inches higher than I'd like. I wrote Ergo Desktop, just to let them know the extensions were working out well for me, and mentioned this. And was surprised to find there was a solution for this problem, too! A little adjustment on the Kangaroo Pro itself brought the minimum monitor height down about 2", which means it's now perfect for me.

The quality of the Kangaroo Pro itself is very high. It seems like it will withstand years (if not decades) of use. Now I know the customer service of Ergo Desktop is also outstanding, and I am one very happy customer!

Ken B
Sacramento, CA

Dear Ergo Desktop,
Wow! My supervisor bought a Kangaroo Pro for me to help with my lower back problems and for the first time, he did something right. Ha Ha j/k he is a great guy.

Linda McMachon
Chicago, Il

Hi Kathy,
Just a quick note to tell you I love my new Ergo Desktop Kangaroo and use it everyday. You said I would feel better at the end of the day all day and you were right. The first few days were somewhat a transitionary period for me but by the end of the first week I was hooked. Thanks for a great product and for the awesone customer service.

Barb M.

Hey gang!
I've already got a Kangaroo Elite, and I use it 6-plus hours per day, five days a week... only sit down for lunch... :-) There was NO transition or break-in period. I went from sitting all day to standing all day within two days after receiving my Kangaroo. No pain, no strain. Easy-peasy. It's helping my back, and I'm much more alert. I even stand at meetings now, just to maintain my edge... and stay awake.


Hello, Dan,
Just wanted to thank you again for your wonderful product. I have been using the Kangaroo for over a month and find it to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. Originally, I thought I would only stand for about 50% of my day, however, I have not sat down once since the first moment I tried the desk. And, I feel great! No more sore back or bottom, no more neck strain and lots more energy and productivity. I can't say enough about your outstanding engineering and customer service. Thanks, again, for all of your personalized and custom service. It's so nice to know that there are still some highly innovative and capable American company's out there!
Best wishes,

Peter Gerard

Dear Ergo Desktop,
After spending the last 20 years sitting behind a desk, I now have the freedom of sitting or standing with my new Kangaroo Pro desktop. I had no idea that I would feel this much better about my job. The pain in my legs is gone and I actually enjoy working again. Thanks for a great product !!

Heather Millhouse

Kathy, I wanted to send you guys a testimonial for your product as it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made online: "I looked for an affordable desk that I could elevate from a sit to a stand position to no avail. Luckily I came across Ergodesktop.com and ordered a Kangaroo Elite. It arrived installed, packaged properly and the setup of my monitor was a piece of cake. Now I am able to work either from a sitting position or a standing position and it my hips/legs are feeling better already. The standing position also allows me to move more freely around my office area making me more productive. A great product!" -Ryan G. in Boston

Webstore | Twitter FeedFacebook
185 New Boston St.
Woburn, MA, 01801
Phone: 781-491-0707 x114
Fax: 781-491-0907

Ryan Gormady
Woburn, MA

The Kangaroo was reviewed by Geek Culture and we received a 5 out of 5 Geeks Rating. Check out the review here

Geek Culture

Actually I don't know how I got by BK (before Kangaroo). I spend about 80% of my time standing at my work station - I feel more organized and energized when standing.The Kangaroo really has improved my attitude on the job.

Phone; 800-494-5637 #2

Jane Koesters

"I just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know how much I love my Ergo Desktop!! I really enjoy being able to get up on my feet! In the afternoon, after you have been sitting all day, you just get feeling “sluggish”…..well not anymore!! I can stand up!! I feel like I have more energy and can finish the day with ease. What a wonderful difference it makes! I actually feel like I am more productive when I’m standing versus sitting, & my boss sure likes that!! Thanks again for making such a wonderful difference!"

Krista B.
Celina, OH

For years I had problems with my back due to 4 bulging disc. The pain would radiate down my leg and to my foot. I never had problems until I worked in an office and sat day after day for years, it eventually caught up with me. Sitting in an office has always contributed to my problem. Doctors told me sitting can be one of the worse things for your back, and suggested I look for a new job where I wouldn’t have to sit so much. I know there are a lot of ergonomic chairs out there and I have tried them but you are still sitting. The fact of being able to stand at my desk by using the Ergo Desktop has changed my health. Bulging disc is something you can overcome and correct the best way for me was by not sitting and compress them. The Ergo Desktop has allowed me to stand or sit according to how I feel. I work 8 hours a day and stand most of the day. It has changed my life and allowed me to continue to be able to work. Standing is so much healthier, it builds bone mass, muscle, and increase productivity. Not only do I feel great but I have more energy being able to stand instead of sitting all day. This has made a significant difference on my health as well as the companies cost in productivity and insurance expensive."


Diane Muhlenkamp
Wilmer Customer Service

"I just love my Kangaroo! I sit a lot at the computer as I am sure most people now days do. To have the ability to stand up and get through the day is phenomenal. I notice that my energy level is higher and I no longer hit that lethargic point mid day. I just kick off my shoes and adjust the height of my Kangaroo and voila! I am much more productive now."

Chelsea Wildman

"The Kangaroo Workstation from Ergo Desktop is well designed ergonomically and can help prevent upper and lower back strain and general fatigue associated with prolonged static postures at a computer workstation. The Kangaroo Workstation enables the users to vary the work height and optimizes adjustment of its components to fit each user. Having the ability to have a wide range of positions and to independently adjust the heights of the computer monitor and keyboard is critical to its ergonomic design. I would recommend The Kangaroo Workstation whenever someone will be spending considerable time at the computer."

Robert J. Hibner
Physical Therapist, Industrial Ergonomic Consultant

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