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Cable Management Help

Below are some suggested positioning for the cable management system being used with the Kangaroo adjustable height desktop. You do not have to position the brackets and cables exactly as shown, these are just suggested areas. The cable management brackets can be installed anywhere along the extrusion material. We caution not to add them to any areas that would come into contact with the pneumatic lifting areas of our standard units and the electric actuators of our electric units. Please see below for examples.

  1. Raise the sit/stand desktop to its full height for your standing position. (Single Monitor)(Dual Monitor)
  2. Position the brackets on one side of the back side of the unit by inserting into one of the vertical channels and then turn 90 degrees (Example). This will lock the bracket in place. (Single Monitor)(Dual Monitor)
  3. Position the cables on the brackets and use a provided zip tie to wrap around the cables. Tighten the zip tie so the cords can still move but are contained. (Single Monitor)(Dual Monitor)
  4. Test the cable management by lowering and raising the unit making sure the cables do not come into contact with any other obstacles. Also pan, tilt, and rotate your monitor to make sure you have enough slack in the cables to allow for those adjustments.
  5. Clip the ends of the zip ties to remove any extra length.