Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Adjustable Height Desk right for me?

Our bodies were not designed to sit in front of a computer for hours on end. We feel the best when we move throughout the day and all of the Ergo Desktop Kangaroo adjustable height desk are designed to not only give you the ability to alternate between standing and sitting but they also allow you to position your keyboard and monitor separately at the proper heights. Making the decision to change the way you spend your work day is a very important one and you need all the information you can get. Working at a stand-up desk offers unique health advantages as well. Here are a few articles discussing the dangers of sitting all day.

Where is the Order Comments section?

The Order Comments section is located on the checkout page underneath the field that holds your credit card information.

Can I convert my single monitor unit into a dual one?

Yes, we do offer upgrade kits to turn your single monitor full size unit into a dual monitor full size unit. Since our units are based on the counterbalancing of weight of your application, we like to speak with the customer about their current unit and the monitors. Please contact us by using the webform located here or via toll free call at 1-866-232-7988.

Please note we will need to verify your current unit either by the original order number or by pictures if the order number is unknown. Also, please have the make and model numbers of the monitors you are going to be using available, as we will need to verify the weight of your new application. Unfortunately, the Junior line is unable to be upgraded to support two monitors.

Where are some good places to place the cable management brackets?

See this page for more information.

Can your units support my height?

Our full size units are built to support users between 5'2 and 6'2 on a 30" high desk. As long as you fall within that range, our full size units will be able to get to a correct ergonomic height while standing. The Electric units provide 4" of additional stroke and can support users up to 6'6. Please give us a call, 866-232-7988 if you do not fall within that height range, we can customize our full size units for taller individuals.

What are the differences between these adjustable height desk models?

All of the full size Kangaroo models hold your keyboard and mouse on the 28 x 24 work surface with the same 16.5 inch vertical adjustment, but they also have an additional 6.5 inch separate adjustment for your laptop or monitor which is held either by a shelf as on "The Kangaroo" or on one VESA mount as on "The Kangaroo Pro". The Junior units have a smaller work surface, a lower weight tolerance, and cannot be upgraded. The mount of the Pro Junior can only tilt whereas the mount on the full sized Pro can pan, tilt, and rotate.

The Dual Kangaroo has two shelves for your monitors whereas the Kangaroo Elite(2 monitors), and Tri-Elite(3 monitors) hold your monitors on a VESA mount that can pan, tilt, rotate, and slide horizontally on its crossbar, placing the monitors as close together or farther apart as needed.

The Wallaby units only provide one adjustment in the work surface and do not have the separate adjustment of the monitor mount(Pro) or shelf(Kangaroo).

The Electric units have additional vertical travel at 20.5"(usually for taller users) and also include the same separate monitor adjustment of 6.5". They operate vertically by just the press of a button located in the front left corner of the work surface.

What is the difference between The Kangaroo and The Kangaroo Pro adjustable height desk?
  • The Kangaroo can hold either a laptop or a monitor on the adjustable monitor shelf. Simply set your monitor or laptop on the shelf and you are ready to go. Maximum weight of monitor is 15 lbs, give us a call if your monitor exceeds this weight, we will be able to upgrade the spring to support the additional weight.
  • If you do not know the weight of your monitor we can help. Just give us a call with the model number.
  • The Kangaroo Pro uses a VESA wall mount to attach your monitor directly to the unit and it can not mount a laptop, a laptop can be used on the worksurface though. If you choose to use a laptop with an external monitor this way, we suggest not utilizing the laptop monitor for screen viewing to much. It may cause neck and back strain constantly looking down.
  • Monitors used with The Kangaroo Pro must have either a 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm hole pattern on the back that allows the monitor to be attached to the supplied mounting system. If you have a 100mm x 200mm hole pattern, our adaptor plate will be able to attach your monitor to our unit.
  • Maximum weight of monitor is 15 lbs, give us a call, if your monitor exceeds this weight, we will be able to upgrade the spring to support the additional weight(up to 34 lbs).
  • If you do not know if your monitor is mountable or know the weight of your monitor, we can help. Just give us a call with your model number.
How does it attach to my desk?

All of our adjustable height desk models are completely free standing and require no drilling or clamping to your desk. It sits on your desk the same way your monitor sits on your desk and it is very easy to move by sliding it across your desk.

It looks like it might be top heavy. Will it fall over if it gets bumped?

All of our adjustable height desk units are very stable and they will not fall over. The base is made with a solid steel plate that weighs nearly as much as the rest of the unit combined. There are felt pads on the base for ease of sliding the unit as you desire.Truly, the only way these adjustable height desks can fall over is if you push it off your desk.

Comparison Charts for full size units compared to their Junior Counterparts

What are the advantages of an Ergo Desktop adjustable height desk over a standard electric desk?
  • With all our Kangaroo Desks, you get Dual Ergonomics, meaning you have the ability to adjust your keyboard and your monitor separately, allowing you have the correct keyboarding height and be able to look straight into your monitor for the best ergonomic positioning. Most full sized electric desk only give you Single Ergonomics, giving you the ability to adjust your keyboard to the right height but unless you purchase a secondary adjustable mount, you will be looking down at your monitor.
  • You get to keep your existing desk which means you get to keep your drawers.
  • Each stand-up desk we make Ships Free within the lower 48 United States.
  • You can convert your current set up for about 50% of the cost of most full size electric desks.